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Thrive Corporate Wellness Program
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What is it?
The Thrive Corporate Wellness Program is a comprehensive health and wellness solution for your company. It provides world class education, training, support and accountability in all aspects of sustainable health and wellness; pre and post annual health screening, nutrition consultation, supplementation, total body fitness training, stress management and emotional well being.

How does it work?
The Thrive Corporate Wellness Program is a complete health and wellness platform that can be customized to any company’s needs. No matter whether your company is big or small, needs beginning or advanced level programming, has a single or multiple focus, an effective and affordable customized program can be created. A free and thorough consultation will be provided to identify what is needed to improve your company’s sustainable health and wellness. Thereafter a customized proposal will be submitted with various options for your company’s success.

Why now?
The cost of an unhappy and unhealthy workforce is continuing to increase every year and threaten the success and longevity of many companies around the world. However there is a solution to the dreaded costs of mass sick leave, workers comp, increasing insurance premiums, negative stress and poor morale. The Thrive Corporate Wellness Program can help significantly reduce job related injuries and trauma, decrease your company’s risk factor to insurance underwriters, provide huge future savings, make your employees happier, healthier, more productive and effective.

With the Thrive Corporate Wellness Program your company can insure the longevity and health of your workforce, receive huge returns on investment (upwards of $3.27 on every dollar spent towards corporate wellness) and be a company that truly takes care of its people and insures its future success and Thrives!!

Please view the options below.

Thrive Annual Pre & Post Health Screenings
Thrive’s annual pre and post health screening focuses on identifying and understanding the “real” health issues of your work force. The reality is that most employees are suffering on a daily basis from sleep deprivation, hypertension, mal nutrition, dehydration, chronic body aches and pains, poor emotional well being and much more.

The Thrive health screening process includes thorough testing and assessment of; blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat percentage, flexibility/postural deviations and more. Also included is an in depth health survey, assessment and individual consultation.

The Thrive health screening process provides true and accurate health data for each of your employees. This process is affordable, time efficient and allows for a clear, effective and customized corporate wellness solution to be created for your company.

* Note, post health screening is used thereafter use of our customized corporate wellness program (educational and training modules). This shows the clear and real results of the progress made by your employees.

Thrive Educational Modules
1. Nutrition:

  • Increase employee energy
  • Weight management (shed excess fat mass or gain lean muscle mass)
  • Overcome nutrient deficiencies, high cholesterol, diabetic and other health issues among employee force

2. Flexibility:

  • Decrease and or eliminate daily aches and pains
  • Reduce and or eliminate lower back, foot and shoulder/neck pain
  • Significantly reduce risk of employee job related injury and trauma

3. Cardiovascular Conditioning:

  • Significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and chronic conditions
  • Weight management (shed excess fat mass or gain lean muscle mass)
  • Decrease and or eliminate hypertension, poor blood pressure and other circulatory and respiratory issues

4. Muscle Balance and Strength:

  • Overcome postural and muscular deviations
  • Significantly reduce the risk of costly knee and hip replacements and back/neck surgeries.
  • Significantly reduce risk of employee job related injury and trauma

5. Proprioception

  • Increase motor function
  • Improve balance and reduce job related injury and trauma

6. Kinematic Evaluation

  • Ergonomic correctness
  • Prevention of joint, ligament and tendon breakdown
  • Decreased exposure to injury
  • Custom workplace movement solutions

7. Stress Management & Emotional Well Being

  • Stress education and awareness
  • Become more resistant and resilient to negative stress
  • Learn how to recover quickly from a negative state/behavior
  • Spend more time happy, focused and positive
  • Increase job performance, efficiency and effectiveness

*Other Modules such as; Sport specific training, job specific injury prevention & physical sustainability and much more are available upon request. 

What’s included with each module…
Each Module is a single subject, 30 day program. All Modules include;

  • A live educational seminar conducted by one of Thrive’s world class health and wellness experts. This is a 1.5 – 3 hour seminar that is highly educational, interactive and fun!
  • Employee pre-testing: At the beginning of the seminar all participants will be pre-tested on their knowledge and understanding of the module’s subject matter. This provides a great comparative to what they will learn by then end of the program.
  • General programming for each participant: Each individual will receive Thrive’s exclusive hard copy materials for individual programming. These materials will be kept by each participant and used for record keeping and analysis of personal progress and results. This allows for every participant to maximize their efforts of achieving sustainable health and wellness while at work and at home.
  • Bi-weekly support and accountability: Throughout the program a bi-weekly support and accountability session will be conducted via conference call or webinar. These sessions are hosted by one of our Thrive expert health and wellness professionals. These sessions allow for group feedback, in depth q & a, revised programming and ongoing support and accountability. *Employees will email their questions ahead of time to assess the focus of the group call/webinar.
  • End of Module survey & results: At the end of each module a group survey will be conducted to identify the success of your employees. In addition;
    • Employee post-testing
    • Feedback forms
    • Group and individual acknowledgements
    • Group and individual rewards

*The location/facility of the seminar is to be provided by the client. **Note, the educational seminar and conference call/webinar can be filmed/recorded for exclusive use with 1 year license agreement. Additional conditions do apply.

Thrive Individual Training, Products & Services
For those employees wanting to Thrive at home or away from work, individual training options, products and services (total body fitness training, nutrition consultation and lifestyle coaching, etc) are also available.

Thrive Corporate Wellness Rebate Program
As your employees participate in various Thrive training options, products and services, your company will earn substantial monthly rebates. Upwards of 66% (of commissionable revenue) can be earned from Thrive products and services.

This monthly revenue can be used for;

  • Company earnings – essentially paying back the money spent for the Corporate Wellness Program.
  • Employee rewards, prizes or bonuses.
  • Charity – An ongoing donation to the charity of your choice as a company tax right off.

Pricing for all services is based on volume of participants and single or package options. For more details, please contact us directly. Email: