Medicare Wellness Program

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The Thrive Medicare Wellness Program is a comprehensive, sustainable health and wellness program focused upon the specific needs of Seniors. Thrive provides the very BEST education, training, accountability and support in; SENIOR – total body fitness, nutrition, stress management and emotional well being.

The Thrive Medicare Wellness Program is available in GROUP SEMINARS: 1 to 3 day, “HOW TO THRIVE” (HTT) Conferences  *Custom designed, group programs also available.
Individual Proactive Healthcare Policies (PHP’s): Individual, in home/facility, one on one education and training with expert health professionals.

The Thrive Medicare Wellness Program is an excellent way for Medicare insurance carriers and assisted living senior organizations and communities to get their members sustainably healthier!  Ensuring that your Seniors live better, longer, means that your business THRIVES! Contact us today for more details and a FREE CONSULTATION!

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Scott Porter, Ph.D. (Thrive Total Body Fitness & Nutrition Division Head) Client Testimonials:

Nick Page, 73 years old

“After one month with Scott, I was in the best shape in years and in many respects, better, because I had a much more rounded fitness program…”

Read full testimonial: Nick Page Testimonial

Paul Schapira, 67 years old

“My doctor told me to wear it (back brace) to play tennis but eventually I would need back surgery… Scott gave me stretching exercises and back strengthening exercises and told me to stop wearing the back brace.  Twenty one years later, I still play tennis without a back brace and still no surgery.”

Read full testimonial: Paul Schapira Testimonial