Total Body Fitness

THRIVE believes that fitness is not just about “cardio,” “six pack abs,” and “firm thighs and glutes.” Rather, the ability to always be in the best total body physical fitness of your life no matter what your age. To have sustainable NUTRITION, FLEXIBILITY, CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING, MUSCLE BALANCE AND STRENGTH, PROPRIOCEPTION AND KINEMATICS. To be fully capable to experience and achieve anything you desire from a physical fitness standpoint.

THRIVE helps every individual achieve true total body fitness by beginning with a thorough total body fitness assessment. From this assessment a THRIVE Expert Certified Fitness Trainer is able to learn all about you: the reality of where you are now from a total body fitness standpoint versus where you ultimately want to be. From there, a THRIVE trainer is able to educate you and explore the gaps with you. The THRIVE Expert Certified, Total Body Fitness Trainer will provide you with a customized and strategic total body fitness plan that will ensure that you trend to attain true total body fitness and THRIVE! All THRIVE Expert Certified Fitness Trainers provide private (1 on 1) mobile services. THRIVE’s total body fitness training is the very best available; safe, convenient, effective and affordable! THRIVE also offers unique and highly effective at home Fitness Kits to provide you with all the equipment needed to attain the total body fitness you have always desired.

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Dr. Scott Porter makes Las Vegas , Nevada his home since 1996. He is the father of a 22 year old daughter LeeAnn. Scott has been a world class and professional athlete. He played professional Basketball for 5 years and has completed 50 marathons,18 full triathlons, plays open level tennis, snowboards and still participates in all activities.

Scott is an internationally recognized Exercise Physiologist and Trainer. He has been training world class and professional athletes for over 35 years. He lectures for the NBA, ATP, many NCAA Division 1 programs, New York Road Runners Club etc. He works with all levels of athletes and individuals.

Scott’s philosophy is to create a positive, invigorating, intellectual, realistic and proactive understanding of the evolution for improving the quality of life. Fitness and wellness are the enablers to total life harmony-better health, better physical and mental performance, more enjoyment and a positive emotional state.

THRIVE TOTAL BODY FITNESS TRAINERS may be available in your area. Each are happy to provide you with a FREE 10 minute consult to help you begin your journey towards excellent and sustainable total body fitness! Please contact us to begin.